Sunday, May 1, 2016

May e-Postal Is Up At The Smallest Conservative

Christopher of the Sand Castle Crew has posted the target for May, and it looks like curtains for us.  You get to take ten shots to knock out the bombers and the incoming ICBM H-bombs, which number more than ten.  Holy Cow! We're Doomed! Welcome to life in the 1960's.  It looks hopeless to me, but we all have to give it a try.  There are a whole bunch of heroes from the Cold War that nobody ever hears about, and the younger generations today don't have a clue when it comes to A-Bombs and H-Bombs.  In the Nineteen Fifties one of the descriptions was the Ultimate Hell Bomb.  For the uninitiated, A-Bombs are the ignitors for H-Bombs.  A-Bombs were described in Kilotons of TNT; H-Bombs were described in Megatons of TNT.  The pilots who trained for H-Bomb delivery were practicing suicide missions.  Their planes could not be far enough away from the flash after they delivered their payload, and their control surfaces were going to melt.  No Matter; if they flew those missions they would have no place to come back to.  Tough times, tough target!  CLICK HERE to go read the rules and to download your target.  Get your April targets in soon, and we will be posting the results here and on Susan's blog.


Back To The Old Grind!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Texas To Recognize Illinois Concealed Carry Licenses!

The Texas Attorney General's Office called Valinda Rowe of Illinois Concealed Carry with the good news.  Click Here!

Better Living With Isopropyl!

I walked down a railroad right-of-way recently to visit a property and found a lovely bucket that was decorated with the Fire Snake logo and instructions.  I had never heard of it before, but I am impressed, and I found their video.  If you need to expand some rail to tighten a joint, this is just what you need!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

What's A Good Day Worth?

Pattie started shooting when she was 88 years old, and it is an important part of her stroke recovery.  Last summer she had pneumonia, and then she had it again in late winter.  Good days have been hard to come by, but she is fighting her way back as well as she can at almost 92.  I could tell this morning that she was starting a good day.  She has had a couple of good nights sleeping, and she has been eating enough food to bring her weight up a bit, and she is staying hydrated. She had her hair done this morning, and she still felt good when I came home from work.  We went to Pistol League and she shot three rounds with hardly a miss.  Her times aren't as good as last summer, but they are consistent.  For her last round we had her shoot on one plate and she was making all five hits in six seconds, starting from low-ready.

I'd say about a million bucks...

PS: Crossing your thumb is safe on the Ruger Mk III's, and Pattie doesn't shoot any other semi-autos.

This Guy Should Teach Geography!

SO, if you don't like the news on November 9, head for the southern border!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Just Say No To Ornamental Pears!

Pears are pretty every spring for about a week, and the rest of the year they worry you to death with Fire Blight, broken branches, and dieback from girdling roots.  Next time plant a real tree.  Oh Yes, they are an invasive species, too.  They are showing up in timber all over the place.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ruger's Auction To Benefit The USA Shooting Team

Ruger is offering a new-old-stock Engraved Red Label Shotgun this week.  The engraving is a one-off sample.  It was engraved, then a simpler design was chosen for production.  The collectors are showing their approval, but Click Over and have a look, and maybe you can bid.  This fine gun sells mid-day, Wednesday, April 27, 2016.  100% of the proceeds of this auction will go to benefit the USA Shooting Team.   $2725

Barn Fox Family

I left the game camera at the other end of the barn for a couple days and we have a nice litter of fox pups to admire!  I also found a pile of chicken feathers while I was out and about, so our neighbor is not locking his chickens in securely at night. Oh Well, or words to that effect.

Maybe If He Had Listened To Roger Miller...

Monday, April 25, 2016

Tuesday Torque: A Really Big Sideshaft!

Embeddding is disabled on this one, so you will have to Click Over.  Move the slider over to 4:30 and the action will begin shortly.  Monoxide so thick you can cut it with a knife!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Take A Trip With Eric Janssen On His Old Freighter, Valer

We have been seeing Eric Janssen and his Schipperke Saartje on "I Love My Schipperkes", one of the Facebook pages we watch.  He pilots as antique freight barge on the waterways of Europe with his son and his faithful Schipperke, and now he is a TV star.  Here is the trailer for the series that follows Eric, Saartje, and his boat.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Little Things That Make Us Happy

The house is back in order and repairs are almost completely finished, and now we are working on regular repairs and upgrades.  Susan went shopping online and found a perfect replacement for an old toilet seat.  Of course this poem came to mind:

Toilet Seats, by Robert Service

While I am emulating Keats
My brother fabrics toilet seats, 
The which, they say, are works of art,
Aesthetic features of the mart;
With plastic of a pastel shade,
Of topaz, ivory or rose,
Inviting to serene repose.

Rajahs I'm told have seats of gold,---
(They must, I fear, be very cold).
But Tom's have thermostatic heat,
With sympathy your grace to greet.
Like silver they are neon lit,
Making a halo as you sit:
Then lo!  they play with dulcet tone
A melody by Mendelssohn.

Oh were I as lyrical as Yeats
I would not sing of toilet seats,
But rather serenade a star,---
Yet I must take things as they are.
For even kings must coyly own
Them, as essential as a throne.
So as I tug the Muse's teats
I envy Tom his toilet seats.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Barn Fox

I hear this fox bark at night, and it drives Lightning nuts.  Susan was up at the barn looking around today, and she was finding squirrel feet.  I will set up cameras in new locations and try to get better pictures.  There might be babies to watch soon.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Yard Work

The weather is perfect this weekend for yard work.  We have been picking up limbs, cutting and moving trees, piling firewood for next winter, mowing grass, and etc.  More trees to cut tomorrow, and maybe we can shoot a little vid.

Not My Victrola: Before The Blues

Before the Blues came along we still had plenty of sad songs meant to jerk a tear.  After The Ball is one of the best known sad songs, and it has a great tune that isn't even sad if you don't know the story line.

Performed by William Bolcolm and Joan Morris.
By Katy Lou Wurlitzer 153 Band Organ.